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Find Parking Space
Find parking Space

Toronto based startup WhereiPark launched its services connecting parking lots, having spots to spare, with those looking for monthly parking. This helps vehicle owners to find monthly parking, compare rates, and reserves a spot near their area. People who have extra spots parking owners/operators can list their spots and showcase it to an audience searching for a place to park.

The users just needs to enter the location where they are looking for a parking space and the site will list spots available nearby for parking. With the launch of its service WhereiPark hopes help users to find monthly parking close to their work, home, or wherever they need it.

WhereiPark was founded by Toronto entrepreneurs Alex Enchin and Jeremy Zuker. Co-founder Enchin came up with the idea of WhereiPark after he was not able to find a suitable monthly parking spot despite finding a job that interested him in downtown Toronto.

Enchin found the process painful and the segment highly fragmented! “You have all these parking companies who have spots, but there’s no consumer awareness of where these spots are, or how to actually book them. So we thought let’s create something that makes it incredibly simple for people to find, and book, a monthly spot.”

All you need to do is visit the website, enter the desired location, and click the marker for the address and cost of the spot. While anyone can browse the information on the site, only members can book a spot. Currently it only works for finding parking in Toronto, however the company plans to be in all of the major cities in Canada before expanding to US and other parts of the world.

Check out http://www.whereipark.com/

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