Connect And Consolidate Data From Multiple APPS grabs critical data from the various apps used by organizations for marketing, sales and helpdesk and organizes them in one place to provide better insights about customers and also create a highly targeted list of targets. This helps to send more personalized emails, promote special offers to the right people and offer a better customer service that can increase revenue.

With companies depending on specialized apps for various activities one of the major problem that organizations face is that key insights that each of the app provides about a particular customer is lost as it is tough to connect all the data spread across different apps in one single place.

If a sales person knows that a customer has opened a mail sent via mailchimp and downloaded an trial app and has raised a support ticket and is happy with the response provided it provides the sales person with a better insight.

Tropical needs to be connected to all the third-party business apps used to create the customer profile. Currently the platform supports 50+ apps, including Mailchimp, Freshbooks, Shopify, Highrise, and Zendesk.

By putting together all the relevant but disconnected data in one place the app provides better insights about leads and customers. Tropical collates all actions and interactions made by a lead in a chronological timeline to create a customer profile with important data.

The app puts together contact informations such as phone number, email and company in one place and also its dashboard provides a quick look at the customer acitivities using essential insigts all theapps along with chronological timeline of activities.

The startup charges $89 per month for upto 25,000 contacts and $5 for additional 1,000 contacts. There is also a free 14 day free trial to help users evaluate the product.

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