CardFlight Launches Mobile Credit Card Reader Point of Sale Solution

cardflight New York based startup CardFlight launched mobile credit card reader and SDK in private beta. The tech startup provides mobile point of sale solutions and makes it easy for swiped credit card payments using any mobile device with any merchant account. CardFlight encrypted magnetic stripe reader works with virtually any iOS and Android device turning them into mobile POS.

CardFlight provides tools to app developers to integrate card-present payments into their own mobile applications. They offer an encrypted magnetic stripe reader and a simple SDK/API so that developers can safely and securely accept card present payments in their apps. CardFlight works with most iOS and Android devices.

CardFlight doesn’t directly provide merchant accounts, but route transactions to most major processors allowing developers to negotiate the lowest processing costs. CardFlight provides encrypted hardware readers hence developers don’t have the ability to access credit card details directly reducing burden on application developers in maintaining Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

Founder and CEO Derek Webster said, “Stripe and other services have gained a lot of traction recently with a developer-friendly approach; however, those companies are mostly focused on enabling e-commerce or ‘card not present’ transactions. In contrast, CardFlight is bringing the same ease of integration to offline or ‘card present’ applications, which still comprise over 90% of credit card payment volume in the United States.”

CardFlight doesn’t sell directly to small merchants Rather, they provide tools to enterprise merchants and vertical app developers who want to integrate payment acceptance into their broader applications. Examples include event management applications that needs to offer event organizers the ability to sell tickets at the door, CRM apps that want to enable field sales while tying payment details to customer data, medical practice management apps that want to collect a co-pay while keeping the rest of the details available for insurance billing, and tablet POS developers looking for an easy way to incorporate payment acceptance.

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