A Support System For Women Facing Divorce

bittersweet Two divorcess have launched a startup BitterSweetBreakups.com a support system for women facing divorce after they found that more than 50% of marriages end in divorce. Breakups provides a complete support system for women going through divorce right from Legal Advice, Life Coaching, Realtors and more. The website offers encouragement and advice delivered in a positive and empowering way from real women who have faced divorce issues.

Bittersweet Breakups is a one stop source for tools  one needs to rebuild life after divorce.  In addition to Divorce and Wellness Coaching, they have created a website offering fun divorce gifts, a gift registry, divorce parties, forum, blog, 14 day Single and Sexy weight loss challenge with health coaching,  advice, professional resources, daily inspiration, iTunes® downloads, books that heal, and a community of women that care!

The site offers an gift registry where the divorcee can register for household items and even allows for one to request cash, which can help with attorney fees, moving expenses, etc. Also on the site is The Breakup Room, a social media gathering spot to get further support from other woman.

This divorce support system website claims that it does not celebrate divorce, but instead, celebrates the light at the end of the tunnel  and hopes to empower women to endure this painful process with laughter, camaraderie from other women.

Bittersweet Breakups offers ideas for planning a divorce party complete with printable Divorce Vows and pictures of divorce themed cakes that can be taken to your local bakery for replication. “Divorce in itself may not be cause for celebration, but when you can get past the bitter and come to a place of acceptance and the peace that comes with that, why not celebrate closure, the growth you have experienced as a person and the beginning of your new life ahead,” adds Thelma (stage name), one of the founders of Bittersweet Breakups.

Check out http://bittersweetbreakups.com/

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