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Circuit board printer squink
Circuit board printer squink

Print circuit boards in minutes, from home, at the cost of a cup of coffee and that is the pitch with which Squink from BotFactory has launched its Kickstarter project. Squink circuit board printers print and assemble electronic circuit boards, from your desktop by printing conductive ink and assembling circuit within minutes.

The circuit board printer cuts down the time required to build circuit boards and will help to create electronic devices quicker at lower cost. This can revolutionize electronic industry and make it more productive and flexible.

There is not need to wait for days for a printed circuit board as the printer can print conductive traces in minutes from the Gerber files and also from other image formats like png and jpg. The circuit board printer not only prints conductive traces but also will have the components attached in minutes.

The printer can be connected wirelessly or with a USB cable, an Ethernet cable, or a wireless adapter. The printers are accessible through a web-based interface. Users just need to drag-and-drop an image file and watch as it is processed and printed.

Printing circuit boards

Using inkjet technology, Squink prints conductive ink on a surface to create the traces of the circuit. It also avoids the need of soldering as Squink uses the soldermask file generated by CAD tool to place dots of conductive glue in every connection point where a part is to be connected.

Aimed at assembling SMD based circuits, Squink uses vacuum to pick components from a tray. Then it aligns them using computer vision, rotates them according to the “Centroid and Rotation” file created in your CAD tool and places them accurately. Squink can print conductive ink on specific materials such as photo paper or glass.

Squink plans to sell the printer with a cartridge of conductive ink, cylinders of the conductive glue and a standard set of components. A cartridge of conductive ink can print about 100 boards, while one cylinder of the glue is for a single use.

Do checkout Squinks Kickstarter project and website.

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