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socialsignin’s technology allows businesses to create social media relationships with customers at their site. is a mobile-centric Wi-Fi platform that gives businesses opportunity to offer WiFi access to customers visiting their stores in return for social data. By allowing a user to leverage the goodwill of their social media identities for free data access, lets businesses gain an understanding of their visitors.

Customers connect to your guest WiFi and using Facebook or an email profile and will receive your tailored call to action. provides branded guest WiFi with customizable messaging. It also helps in effortless mailing list acquisition. The Realtime dashboard and visitor insights help to analyze customers better. It also increases social growth and engagement and drive app downloads and custom promotions. produces metrics such as visitation frequency from data that has to date been difficult and expensive to collect for physical venues. It’s all displayed in elegant, easy to use dashboards and accessible with integrations into popular CRM, email or social marketing platforms including MailChimp and Constant Contact. empowers brick-and-mortar locations to engage visitors during the time they are physically present by extending free data service via a branded and uniform Wi-Fi connection. Visitors sign up for using a preferred social identity, such as Facebook. Upon creating a personalized PIN, grants users free data access on all their registered devices at every participating location. clients gain insightful analytics and a measurable increase in ‘earned social media’ at all optimized locations by empowering their visitors with a reliable data connection. The sign-in experience behaves like a personalized touch point yet feels ubiquitous to visitors who gain relief from the stress and annoyance of expensive, capped data plans, especially for tablets.

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