Smart Shoes That Navigate You To Your Destination

lechal  Indian startup Ducere Technologies announced the launch of interactive haptic footwear a smart shoe called Lechal.  The smart shoe will guide users to navigate and reach their destination in a smarter way.  Once the user sets the destination they will receive vibratory feedback in shoes to guide them in the right path.

The smart shoe connects with smartphone using bluetooth. Combining GPS and Google Maps from smartphone the footwear uses vibrations to guide users to reach their destination alerting them when and where to take a turn. It can also record paths, tag locations, track steps taken and calories lost. The app can be installed on Windows, iOS and Android devices.

Users can interact with the app by text or speech to set destination. Some of the other interesting features of the app is calorie counter with fitness milestones, tourism feature where a wearer will be notified of points of interest with a little write up popping up in their phone at the same time and ability to record gestures, so raising your heal could allow you to tag a location or tapping your shoes twice could set it to navigate you back home.

The footwear was initially designed for the visually challenged but has now, been modified to fit the needs of a wider audience. The smart shoe can detect and guide the blind around obstacles and turns coming in their way within 10-feet by producing vibrations in the shoes.

The startup released two variants of the smart shoe, an insole that allows the technology to be installed in any closed pair of shoes and a shoe with the device built-in. Insole has all the electronics located at the heel, which has been fitted into a small module and is removable.

Krispian Lawrence, and Anirudh Sharma, graduates from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and MIT, respectively, founded Ducere Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2011, based in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

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