Sharethrough launches sponsored content on mobile sites

sharethrough Sharethrough to launch Sharethrough Mobile, a mobile platform for advertisers to promote branded content through native ads across mobile devices. Sharethrough Mobile will allow brands to promote sponsored content inside the stream of a publisher’s mobile site, and also automatically gives the ads look and feel of the site they appear on.

Sharethrough technology identifies the style elements of a webpage and matches the look of each individual ad to that environment. Its technology can also adapt to any future style updates publishers make to their templates. The platfrom suppots any kind of brand content including video. Ads are tagged with “Sponsored by” or “Promoted by” and can feature custom thumbnail images, headlines and descriptions.

Advertisers can choose any type of content and with Sharethrough’s Real-time Templating Technology, ad will match the unique look and feel of individual publisher pages. The Sharethrough Exchange (STX) is the world’s largest in-feed ad exchange. Reach up to 227 million viewers and target based on audience type, device, geography, income, gender, and age.

Ads will run traffic towards automatically to the best performing headline/thumbnail combinations, to maximize audience engagement. Advertisers can Monitor up-to-date campaign performance data and analytics. Track social sharing and earned media metrics using Sharethrough’s Global Share Tracking Tech.

For publishers sharethrough in-feed ads help mobile monetization even where the screens are smaller. By adding short pieces of front-end code, Sharethrough integrates into your existing ad server or page and monetization can begin in minutes. In addition to tapping into Sharethrough’s inventory it also allows publishers to sell in-feed ads through its self-serve platform. With Sharethrough Native SDK, developers can easily integrate in-feed ads into their mobile apps.

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