Oddball a new entrant to online betting

oddball Oddball.ie, an online betting site is expected to launch in June. The Oddball.ie concept is created using a maths algorithm to create a fluid odds system. The system allows better odds, controlling Oddball.ie’s exposure to any one adverse outcome.


“Our odds system is based on a new mathematical approach to bookmaking. We frequently adjust odds to reflect our liability on events, and to attract bets to offset the liability. The result, which we call fluid odds, offers significantly better than the competitors,” O hlorua said.

The business is licensed in Ireland, and aimed solely at the Irish market at present, but has the UK and the wider European market in its sights for 2014 and beyond. The Oddball site is still in test mode, with users placing virtual bets free, for fun, and prizes awarded for the most savvy tipsters each week.

Éanna Ó hIorua expects his online betting portal will shake up online betting when it is fully launched in June and will have 10pc of the Irish betting market by 2015. The Oddball site is still in test mode, with users placing virtual bets free, for fun, and prizes awarded for the most savvy tipsters each week.

Oddball hopes to provide value with the best odds through its fluid odds system. Oddball says that ” We know that value in betting means more attractive odds. This will also mean that our odds tend to fluctuate; so odds increase on different betting selections. We offer great odds on both sides of bets. Our “no frills” approach allows us to keep odds to the forefront. We actively encourage you to check our odds against the competition.”

The betting company only offers decimal odds. We take lose bets rather than complicated lay bets and offers a simple automatic bonus to all customers.


Check out https://oddball.ie

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