Nurep virtual medical device support platform launched

nurepNurep announced the launch of its virtual medical device support platform that helps medical device companies to support physicians virtually from anywhere.

Nurep attempts to streamline support for medical devices.  It has developed a secure network to connect hospital personnel with medical device experts via iPads for real-time support.

Nurep is planning to leverage on the increased connectivity in hospitals to offer this on-demand technical support in the operating room. Doctors can connect with remote medical device sales reps with the help of tablets.  With the help of video-conference via the iPad the rep us put in touch with the operating theatre. Surgeons also have the option of calling their preferred rep, if they want to work with the same one. The rep can than use their iPad to zoom into the operating theatre to see the equipment in question at close range.  The technology works even when bandwidth is limited by reducing the screen resolution as necessary to maintain smoothness of image motion.

With fewer reps available, physicians had to delay cases until the rep is available, proceed without a rep or switch to another device with available rep support. But with Nurep providing virtual access, medical device companies will benefit as its sales and support reps can be in more places at one time, increasing the number of physicians and locations they can support. Nurep also benefits physicians by guaranteeing 24/7 medical device support in the operating room.

Nurep partners with medical device suppliers and charges them on the basis of either per user or per procedure over its medical device support network. Nurep mobile platform features include product feeds, call pulse, live video, and analytics. 

The device market is big and growing with new devices in development or testing all the time. It is estimated that the total addressable medical device support market is $13.5 billion.

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