Lumu A Digital Light Meter For Photographers Using iPhone

lumu1 Lumu is all set to launch a digital light meter that works on a iPhone replacing the traditional light meter. Lumu is a tool for standalone cameras that have ISO, aperture and shutter speed parameters that can be manually set. Once plugged into iPhone’s headphone jack Lumu’s app will help photographers figure out the best camera settings. The startup, which hails from Slovenia in Europe, plans to kick off a Kickstarter funding campaign in about a month at a cost of $99.

The app not only shows the light level and exposure value for the current lighting conditions but also lets users store pre-sets for individual geotagged locations so they can easily revisit them later.

With Lumu, the main processing is done on the iPhone using iPhone’s power. It also doesn’t use any batteries as it is completely powered from the iPhone.

“You take your iPhone or your iPod and plug it in and it’s going to recognise it, and it sets all of the parameters for your unique environment. So you put in your ISO that you use in your film or your digital camera, the aperture you want to use and then it calculates the time,” says Benjamin Polovic, co-founder of Lumu.

The current prototype does not automatically set your camera to Lumu’s suggested settings to the camera, hence the settings will have to be done manually. To overcome this the Lumu team is planning to include a Bluetooth dongle for wireless connectivity and transfer. It also plans to launch an SDK to help developers create other apps using its light sensor.

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