iPhone Android Texting Without Wifi, Cell, Satellite

gotenna2Lost in a place without cell phone towers, routers or satellite connection but still want to communicate well goTenna is what you need. goTenna pairs wirelessly with iPhone or Android smart phones enabling users to text and also share location with anyone who has the device even if there is no cell phone service. No towers, routers or satellites required!

The iPhone or Android smartphone send messages to goTenna, which will then send it out, via long-range radio waves (151-154 MHz), to the  intended goTenna(s) and than the recipient’s goTenna sends message over BTLE to the smartphone app its paired with. goTenna is designed to make “No Service” no problem. By pairing smartphone with a goTenna users can communicate off-grid with those who also have goTenna, regardless of access to cell reception or wi-fi.

Users can use the text-based device to communicate with other goTenna-twinned devices within a 50 mile range and during emergency situations, users can broadcast a message to any goTenna users within range using a dedicated button on the app.

goTenna allows to send and receive texts and share GPS locations on offline maps, without ever relying on central connectivity. The iPhone or Android smartphone needs to be paired with goTenna device wirelessly, which uses Bluetooth Low-Energy (BTLE), and should be within 20 feet of the phone so that the two can communicate with each other. Than using the free app users can send text message or share a location.

goTenna works on all Apple devices running iOS7 or above, and on Android smartphones running 4.x or above. goTenna can be used for  iPhone Android texting without Wifi, Cell, Satellite during emergency or for private conversation.

Messages sent over goTenna are end-to-end encrypted with RSA-1024 public-private key ciphering except for messages sent using the “shout” and “emergency” features which are by definition public conversations with others within range.

As there is no central server there is no proverbial “back-door.” Moreover, users can opt to have messages self-destruct after intended recipient(s) read them. goTenna costs $149.99 for a pair i.e. about $75 each


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