SYMAN to turn social media data into actionable insights

Identified launched its artificial intelligence technology “SYMAN,” which will organize the professional data from social media profiles in Facebook to provide new insights into the job market. By putting social media data in a clean, organized format, companies can more effectively ingest this data to power recruiting, human capital management, CRM, marketing and a host of other enterprise products.  SYMAN’s data architecture enables a machine to draw inferences about the meaning of a particular data by considering complementary and related data.

One of its product Identified Recruit will enable recruiters to search and identify candidates based on professional information culled from Facebook. This would uncover powerful insights and relationships buried deep within the Social Web, which have the potential to change how companies pursue talent, manage their workforce, and understand their competition.

Identified also plans to integrate other datasets, applying SYMAN not only to Facebook, but to LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Github and others. Also on the roadmap is development of an API for a variety of social media sites, which would allow companies to use SYMAN to clean and organize their data, on-demand and enable companies to monetize their data for enterprise applications and also allow developers and third-parties to build B2B tools, apps and tools on top of SYMAN’s technology.

Identified co-founders Brendan Wallace and Adeyemi Ajao “SYMAN is an attempt to provide a solution to a problem many social media companies have struggled with for years: Unstructured, disorganized and inconsistent data.”

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