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Hotel WiFi Speed Test Hotel WiFi Test collects, analyzes and distributes data about WiFi quality in hotels around the world. Say goodbye to hotels with bad wifi connection as Hotel WiFi test is a startup that ranks hotels by the speed of their Internet connections.

In the increasing connected world the internet capability of a hotel plays an important role for many travellers both travelling on business and for personal trips. By raking hotels based on the wifi speed Hotel WiFi Test helps travellers to find hotels with best internet connection.

The wifi speed is crowdsourced from travelers visiting hotels to gauge their Internet speeds. Hotel WiFi test then presents the data as an “expected speed”, as well as a range of what they are likely to encounter.

Users can browse hotels by US city to see: expected speeds and range of speeds, user quality ratings, standard hotel ratings and nightly rates. Users can filter by minimum Mbps speeds and also sort by price, rating, or speed. Travellers can sort results by star ranking making it easy for people to find inexpensive hotels with super-fast connections.

The startup also said that its new feature can predict the WiFi speed in most major hotels around the world even if full WiFi speed testing hasn’t taken place. The prediction tool works in a similar way to the actual thought process of an experienced traveler. People who travel a lot know that WiFi is faster in some cities and countries than in others, that certain hotel chains provide superior Internet services, and a number of other factors that affect WiFi speed. Similarly the machine learning training process allows for the determination of accurate weights, as well as the subtle, unexpected relationships between different hotel features that can affect hotel WiFi performance.

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