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tallyon review opinion site
tallyon review opinion site

Boston based is a review, opinion, feedback site packed into one. The site that is currently in beta has interesting take on opinions by making it short and sweet and categorizing it as good and bad.

Tallyon’s social platform aim is to instantly capture the world’s opinion on absolutely anything. Any topic worth discussion has a tally feed made up of two columns one for GOOD and another for BAD.  A tally feed is a page dedicated to opinions on a particular topic. For example, you could check out the “Tally Feed” for iPhone 6 to know the good and bad opinion people have on iPhone 6 and how many people agree with them.

Users can post their opinion on what is good and bad on the particular topic in less than 140 characters. Other users can vote on the opinion using the I Agree button and the takes are ordered by the greatest number of people who agree. The votes made by the users on a particular opinion are made private and others cannot see who voted for a particular opinion. To participate on Tally, users must authenticate through one-click Facebook login. The opinions can be sorted by most popular or most recent and users can share a particular opinion.

This means anyone can look up at a Tally Feed for any topic and instantly see the major themes of what’s good and bad, and exactly how many people feel that way. Users also have the option to post the opinion anonymously.

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