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FotoSwipe Android Photo Sharing
FotoSwipe Android Photo Sharing

Raleigh based technology startup FotoSwipe launched its photo transfer app that allows users to share photos by simply swiping them from one screen to another. The app works both on iPhone and Android devices and also has cross compatibility, meaning you can even swipe photos from an iPhone to an Android and vice-versa.

To share photos users will have to place phones next to each other and launch FotoSwipe on both phones. After choosing the photos to be transferred users will have to tap and hold the photo to be shared and drag it from phone’s screen to the other phone’s screen. The photo will be copied instantly.

Unlike preceeding technologies the photo transfer app’s technology does not solely depend on NFC’s. Photos can be shared between Android and iPhone, over different carrier networks and wi-fi. The two people need not even have any prior relationship and need not share any personal info to share photos. However a connection to the Internet is required for FotoSwipe to communicate with its servers. FotoSwipe works on WiFi or mobile networks. 

The photo transfer app has applied for a patent for the technology covering transfer of data from one screen to another using drag and drop when the devices are in proximity. About 20 different factors are incorporated, including the direction the phone is facing, various sensors and geo-location.

Fotoswipe is launched by serial entrepreneur Sylvain Dufour. After completing the Groundwork Labs pre-accelerator program the startup has raised $250,000 from seed investors,

Investors like local angel David Gardner see much greater power in the application. The app can be used by coworkers to swipe documents to each other in a meeting, or negotiate to buy a home, or help a retail associate to share a coupon to a customer and even make payments with a single swipe.

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