Curious Launches Marketplace For Online Learning

curiousCalifornia based startup Curious launched a marketplace for online learning to connect students and teachers in a wide variety of subjects from salsa dancing to knife sharpening.

Curious expands the online learning market place going beyond purely academic learning to  focus on education that enhances your lifestyle and interests.

The online learning portal is home to short-format video-based interactive lessons that help anyone learn about anything on their own time. It is a place where user can teach or learn.

The elearning portal empowers teachers to post video lesson,use other tools such as exercises, projects, discussion boards, and attach files. Using lesson builder teachers can create compelling, “bite-size” lessons, group them together into series, and add related materials.

Teachers can provide classes to students for free or charge them. The online learning portal provides teachers with the tools to distribute, share, and monetize their lessons. It offers an innovative and engaging marketplace that connects lifelong learners with exceptional teachers around the world.

The online teaching platform recruited 100 of the best teachers from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and offline and word quickly spread through word of mouth. Teachers are required to fill out a short application and send a sample video, and once they join, can use Curious has a place to build a legitimate business. Teachers use the platform free of charge and Curious takes a 30 percent cut of what they make.

Curious offers teachers the Curious Lesson Builder that allows them to build, publish and market informative, entertaining lessons to attract followers by earning supplemental income.Teachers can work with students on a highly personal level to answer questions, review projects and provide feedback. Curious tracks how many views a lesson has received and enables learners to create “Curious Cards” to share their achievements and interact with teachers.

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