Cubiq Launches Personal Warehouse And Storage Service

Cubiq Storage - Store your personal goods
Cubiq Storage – Store your personal goods

Boston based Cubiq announced the launch of its warehouse storage service to store your physical goods. It is not just digital storage but boom time for physical storage services as the self storage market is estimated to be around $24 billion thanks to the increasing space constrains in the urban centers.

“As more people flock to urban centers in living spaces with limited storage options, storage has emerged as one of the top concerns for Boston apartment and condo dwellers,” said Cappelletti, CEO. “We are providing urban residents with the ability to easily and conveniently extend their closets, enabling them to live in their living spaces and free up valuable time.”

Cubiq provides commercial grade containers, called cubes which are of the dimension, 23.8″ L x 19.2″ W x 12.5″ H, good enough to store 18 gallons and upto 50 pounds. Cubiq does accept certain items that dont fit into the standard cube like bicycles, golf cubs, skis, snowboards, hockey gear, luggage but currently does not store very large items like couches, sofas, beds or tables.

Once users order the cubes a concierge will bring the cubes and Cubiq provides 7 days to prepare and pack things. Users can store what is stored in the cube using the inventory cards and also record reminders. The concierge will come back to pick up the cubes and take photograph and enter inventory information for each cube. These images and description are displayed in the users Cubiq account for easy identification and search.

The cubes are security sealed and transported to warehouse for safe storage. When users need a particular item they can log into their account and click on the send me this cube button. The cube comes with a limited free shipping as per the plan choosen and for additional shipment users are charge $10. The cubes can also be shipped outside its service area for additional shipping fee.

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