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20 Startups To Watch

The following is the list of 20 startups to watch out for in 2014, 2014 based on the BBVA Open Talent.

It Is Time To Brew Your Own Beer

Brewbot is a startup that wants you to brew your own beer. Brewbot is the world’s smartest personal brewery. Brewbot raised more than 100K dollars backed by 381 people on Kickstarter. Brewbot uses sensor technology

Health Packs In Monthly Boxes

RacePak, a customizable monthly box of healthy bars, snacks and products for atheletes, sports and fitness freaks who live on these healthy snack bars and is door delivered every month. There is also option to

Cubiq Launches Personal Warehouse And Storage Service

Boston based Cubiq announced the launch of its warehouse storage service to store your physical goods. It is not just digital storage but boom time for physical storage services as the self storage market is

Good Bad Opinion And Tallyon

Boston based is a review, opinion, feedback site packed into one. The site that is currently in beta has interesting take on opinions by making it short and sweet and categorizing it as

Will Aviate Make Yahoo Fly Again?

Aviate is an intelligent home screen by Yahoo for Android phone that automatically organizes apps in your phone by intelligently predicting the apps that will be more useful at a particular time of day.

Nanotechnology Based Water Repellent T-shirts

Melbourne-based startup Threadsmiths has successfully harnessed the power of nanotechnology to make water-repellent clothing. Threadsmiths is a clothing technology company based in Melbourne, Australia pioneering a new era of nano-tech integrated apparel. The startup

Connect And Consolidate Data From Multiple APPS grabs critical data from the various apps used by organizations for marketing, sales and helpdesk and organizes them in one place to provide better insights about customers and also create a highly targeted list

Peer To Peer Multi-Platform, Bank Independent, Money Transfers

Canada based Sashfer announced the launch of its app that helps peer to peer multi-platform and bank independent money transfers. The micro payment processor app that makes it easy to collect money from friends family

Find Hotels With Best WiFi Connection

 Hotel WiFi Test collects, analyzes and distributes data about WiFi quality in hotels around the world. Say goodbye to hotels with bad wifi connection as Hotel WiFi test is a startup that ranks hotels