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Peer To Peer Multi-Platform, Bank Independent, Money Transfers

Canada based Sashfer announced the launch of its app that helps peer to peer multi-platform and bank independent money transfers. The micro payment processor app that makes it easy to collect money from friends family

Find Hotels With Best WiFi Connection

 Hotel WiFi Test collects, analyzes and distributes data about WiFi quality in hotels around the world. Say goodbye to hotels with bad wifi connection as Hotel WiFi test is a startup that ranks hotels

Smart Shoes That Navigate You To Your Destination

  Indian startup Ducere Technologies announced the launch of interactive haptic footwear a smart shoe called Lechal.  The smart shoe will guide users to navigate and reach their destination in a smarter way.  Once the user

World’s First Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera for iPhone – Flir One

FLIR ONE announced the launch of the worlds first thermal imaging infrared camera for iPhone. FLIR One transforms an iPhone 5 or 5s into a Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera and displays live infrared imagery allowing users

iPhone Android Texting Without Wifi, Cell, Satellite

Lost in a place without cell phone towers, routers or satellite connection but still want to communicate well goTenna is what you need. goTenna pairs wirelessly with iPhone or Android smart phones enabling users to

Circuit Board Printer – Squink

Print circuit boards in minutes, from home, at the cost of a cup of coffee and that is the pitch with which Squink from BotFactory has launched its Kickstarter project. Squink circuit board printers print

Transfer photos with a swipe

Raleigh based technology startup FotoSwipe launched its photo transfer app that allows users to share photos by simply swiping them from one screen to another. The app works both on iPhone and Android devices and also

wheripark an Airbnb for renting parking space

Toronto based startup WhereiPark launched its services connecting parking lots, having spots to spare, with those looking for monthly parking. This helps vehicle owners to find monthly parking, compare rates, and reserves a spot

Car That Hates Vanilla Ice Cream And Lesson For Startups

Every startup working out there needs to take the lesson home. A complaint was received by the Pontiac Division of General Motors (GM): “This is the second time I have written you, and I

The Drone Age Challenges And Opportunities

 As we move towards an age of drones lots of entrants in the market are running around to cash in on the opportunity the drone economy provides. This also raises some important questions about