Scheduling Bus Services with Big Data – Reinventing Mass Transit System

bridjBridj is a smart mass transit system which uses big data to adjust  bus routes of its bus lines to suit individual commuting needs. Bridj launced its service in Boston with complimentary bus tickets for people using its bus service on its beta launch.

With comfortable seats and complimentary Wi-Fi the private chartered bus schedules are dynamically determined based on the commuting that is happening. Bridj is cheaper than hailing a taxi and more comfortable than using a subway.

Bridj collects millions of bits of data about people’s commutes from Google Earth, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, the census, municipal records and other sources and than schedules its bus routes. The smart mass transit system can predict areas of peak demand on any given day and adjust its bus schedules accordingly.

Using this data bridj predicts how a city moves, then deploys its bus lines to match popular origin and destination pairings. Bridj also plans to explore and utilize advanced technology like driverless buses over the next 5 years.

Matthew george revealed that it placed an advertisement on Facebook last week looking for 350 people to try out the bus line and within Twenty-four hours they had received more than 1,000 responses. This innovative solution not only addresses transportation problem but can also ease congestion on the roads and reduce carbon footprints by making people travel by bus.

Bridj will use other companies’ licensed buses and is in the process of obtaining approvals from local transportation authorities. Bridj has secured more than $3 million from private investors and is creating lot of buzz and potentially could be as big as any popular car-sharing company. Young, tech-savvy riders who don’t own cars seem to be  a key target demographic.

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