It Is Time To Brew Your Own Beer

Brewbot is a startup that wants you to brew your own beer. Brewbot is the world’s smartest personal brewery. Brewbot raised more than 100K dollars backed by 381 people on Kickstarter. Brewbot uses sensor technology to track and automate the brewing process. Simply follow the instructions in the app, add the ingredients when prompted and your brew is ready.

Brewbot currently produces 18 litres depending on the type of beer you are producing while stronger beers may produce less. The fermentation on average takes 2-4 weeks depending on the type of beer while some aged beers can take months. Brewbot automates the brewing process while still allowing for the crafted hands-on experience. Brewbot takes the headache out of a brew day by maintaining temperatures and time throughout the whole process.

Brewbot app has a huge database of recipes which can be used or users can create their own recipe. Pick your recipe and simply follow the steps on your phone and add the ingredients when prompted. The sensors provide precise temperature and volume readings, gathering data at every step for consistent and repeatable results.

Brewbot provides an insight into how your beer is doing every step of the way. Monitor, track and understand how water turns into beer using the mobile app, from adding the ingredients on brew-day to the day it is ready to drink. Craft beer can be expensive but now everyone has the power to brew beer themselves for as little as 26p/42¢ for a 330ml/12oz bottle.

Brewbot is available at the special pre-order price, starting at £2,180/€2,690/$2,800 and current orders are shipping in Fall 2014.

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