uChek An Urine Analyzer Based on iPhone App and Android App


Bionsense announced the launch of  uChek an Android and iPhone app that acts as a urine analyzer. The app will be useful to conduct urinary tests for management of diabetes, pregnancy and evaluate kidney, liver and bladder conditions, as well as common problems like urinary tract infections.

For urine tests doctors use test strips, which change color based on concentration of analytes in urine. Some of the multi-parameter strips are difficult to read visually which requires automated strip readers that can cost more than $800.

uChek app eliminates the need of such costly strip readers by using the mobile phone camera as reader of the strips and acting as an urine analyzer. The app can also support any present of future strip technology, with only a software app update.

uChek app measures 14 health parameters using routine urine analysis, and provides day-to-day analytics helping regular monitoring and provide early warning for more than 25 medical conditions, including complications of diabetes, pregnancy, kidney disease and urinary tract infections.

The uChek system works with urinalysis reagent strips, dipsticks. A dipstick is a basic diagnostic tool used to determine pathological changes in a patient’s urine.Using the phone’s camera and LED flash, the uChek system analyses the intensity and color of light reflected from the reagent areas of the urinalysis reagent strip being tested. The uChek cuboid is used to standardize illumination conditions and the uChek color mat acts as a colour and positional reference for the images taken.

The uChek system works with two modes Auto mode and Manual mode.In Auto mode the uChek app automatically record the test strip result and log test data. The stored results may be analyzed as a trend over time, or sent via email. In Manual mode, the uChek app assists the process of visual inspection, providing time-keeping and manual data logging functionality. The stored results may be analyzed as a trend over time, or sent via email.

Check out http://www.biosense.in/uchek.html

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