Will Aviate Make Yahoo Fly Again?

Yahoo Aviate
Yahoo Aviate

Aviate is an intelligent home screen by Yahoo for Android phone that automatically organizes apps in your phone by intelligently predicting the apps that will be more useful at a particular time of day.

It removes clutter, automatically organizes your apps and knows when to show you the information you need, at the time it’s useful for you. For example when you wake up in the morning the app shows how long you have slept and displays the weather, traffic condition along with the latest news for the day. If you are travelling you can check the traffic on the road by a simple swipe.Users can also tweak the apps as per their needs.

This is an smart move by Yahoo to enter into the mobile market without spending much. It also provides greater insights about user behaviour in terms of the apps that people use and provides an opportunity to push Yahoo’s content right to the user. There is substantial money that can be made by intelligently placing the ads on the screen or suggesting users about apps that can be used by them based on the behaviour of the user.

Google Adwords biggest success is because it knows what you are searching for and by intelligently placed ads Google makes a killing in ad money. Now Yahoo by understanding what you are looking for in your mobile has a huge potential to make money by displaying the relevant information. The challenge Yahoo faces will be in making Aviate the default screen. While the initial reports of Aviate usage are mixed and with less than 5 million downloads as on date it still has a long way to catch up. A success here would mean good days for Yahoo.


Check out the app in playstore  or visit http://aviate.yahoo.com/

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