marketingzoom a marketplace for marketing and advertising opportunities has launched an online marketplace that connects buyers looking for marketing and advertising opportunities with buyers in a local area. The company tries to provide answer to an important question every local business

43North Announces $1 Million Grand Prize Winner

  The 43North contest organized as a part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion economic development initiative for the western New York city announced winners for the 2014 edition. ASi LLC was chosen from

Trackable Inhalers For Asthma and COPD Patients is all set to launch its wearable, trackable device for inhalers typically used for asthma and COPD. Taking medication at the right time every day is a challenge many patients face which leads

20 Startups To Watch

The following is the list of 20 startups to watch out for in 2014, 2014 based on the BBVA Open Talent.

Startup Competition For Gaming Companies

The New Zealand Game Developers Association has launched KiwiGameStarter. KiwiGameStarter 2014 is a business start-up competition for New Zealand-based game development teams. Its purpose is to support the commercial success of one high-potential team or

It Is Time To Brew Your Own Beer

Brewbot is a startup that wants you to brew your own beer. Brewbot is the world’s smartest personal brewery. Brewbot raised more than 100K dollars backed by 381 people on Kickstarter. Brewbot uses sensor technology

Cybersecurity Startup Accelerator Program By Akamai, Microsoft, JVP

Akamai Technologies, Microsoft and Israeli venture capital firm Jerusalem Venture Partners team up to launch a startup accelerator program specifically focused on the field of cyber security. Six startups, mostly headquartered in Israel, will

Health Packs In Monthly Boxes

RacePak, a customizable monthly box of healthy bars, snacks and products for atheletes, sports and fitness freaks who live on these healthy snack bars and is door delivered every month. There is also option to

Cubiq Launches Personal Warehouse And Storage Service

Boston based Cubiq announced the launch of its warehouse storage service to store your physical goods. It is not just digital storage but boom time for physical storage services as the self storage market is

Good Bad Opinion And Tallyon

Boston based is a review, opinion, feedback site packed into one. The site that is currently in beta has interesting take on opinions by making it short and sweet and categorizing it as