Kiind launches Pay on use Gift Cards

 Canadian startup Kiind launched its online gift platform where gift cards sent via Kiind are paid for only when the receiver chooses to use the gift. If the user does not use it the sender need not pay unlike the regular prepaid gift card. According to a research conducted by Grant Thornton $120 billion dollars [...]

Decidequick launches Social decision making platform

 India based startup DecideQuick Services Pvt Ltd, launched cloud-based social decision-making platform DecideQuick. Decidequick helps people make decisions based on experiences and opinions that have already been shared by friends, influencers, experts,  anywhere on the web. Decidequick scans the entire web and one’s social media networks to listen and analyze experiences, reviews and opinions that [...]

Startup launches peer to peer bonus model –

 A new startup is all set to launch a peer-to-peer bonus, an incentive model to help companies reward and motivate employees. It uses a Web platform that offers a different approach to employee recognition, reward and collaboration. Employers fix a bonus budget for the peer recognition program and each team member gets a monthly [...]

Southern Stars all set to launch a crowd-funded nano-satellite SkyCube

 An inspiring start-up Southern Stars has built a crowd-funded nano-satellite called SkyCube that will launch into orbit in 2013. SkyCube was financed by thousands of sponsors and mobile app users around the world. SkyCube has been built and delivered to NASA and is scheduled to launch on November 28th, 2013. SkyCube will deploy from ISS approximately two [...]

Online payments startup WePay launches social risk engine Veda

 Online payments startup WePay is launching Veda, an intelligent social risk engine that leverages social media data and traditional business data to catch merchant fraudsters. Veda uses data from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Yelp coupled with proprietary algorithms to mine and analyze a merchant’s social signals to gain a more accurate picture [...]

SYMAN to turn social media data into actionable insights

Identified launched its artificial intelligence technology “SYMAN,” which will organize the professional data from social media profiles in Facebook to provide new insights into the job market. By putting social media data in a clean, organized format, companies can more effectively ingest this data to power recruiting, human capital management, CRM, marketing and a host [...]

MIKA launches high end fashion shopping site

 Elena Fesenko has launched her new startup MIKA, which showcases outfits featuring a mix of high-end and contemporary apparel and accessories. Shoppers can buy these looks in whole or in part, sometimes even getting exclusive access to items which aren’t yet available in stores, but are rather pulled from designers’ showrooms directly. The site is [...]

Funding Community, Inc., launches peer-to-peer lending platform

 New York based startup Funding Community, Inc., launched peer-to-peer lending platform for small business loans. The startup allows any individual to make an interest-bearing loan in support of small businesses seeking growth capital. Funding Community’s platform securely connects small businesses with their lending supporters without an onerous application process, long delays or large fees. With [...]

FundAnything a crowd sourced funding platform

 Television personality and businessman Donald J. Trump and Learning Annex founder Bill Zanker have launched a startup focused on crowdsourced funding. The crowd funding platform helps to raise financial support for any cause. The online fundraising service allows participants to share their story or explain their cause before tapping into their social network to [...]